The most complete
Disaster Survival Guide

Know exactly what you need to do in a
disaster situation, and stay safe.

Get the easy-to-follow
emergency preparedness manual.

Great for all ages

“I am using this app to train our child
about what to do in earthquake, tornado
or fire. Very nice easy to understand info
and graphics.”
- Nfdavis

Numerous scenarios

Hurricanes, earthquakes,
tsunamis, wildfires, tornadoes …

A railway accident, a sinking ship,
an airplane crash-landing, nuclear fallout …

Diverse situations

You could be anywhere
when a disaster strikes – at home, in a
shopping mall or driving to work.

Our emergency preparedness
manual covers different situations and
the best course of action to take.

Be Prepared

A comprehensive equipment list
to improve your chance of survival
when the grid goes down.

Manage your own survival kit
checklist in the app!

Important Survival Skills

Learn how to purify water and
build a temporary shelter.

Know the first aid essentials and
emergency response tips.